UK Volleyball Club Finder - of clubs WITH web sites

You know how it is, you've just moved to a new town, and with one thing or another you just haven't got the time to visit all the local sports centres to find yourself a new volleyball club. And before you know it you've lost a complete season.

Armed only with a few clicks (and an approximate sense of geography) you can now find a club in your area (providing it has a web site)

How to use the new map

Drag the map to re-centre it and use the zoom 'slider', and it will help you find the street where the club play! Click on the pin to get a pop-up boxes with a direct link to the club's web site. When you've got nearly to the top of the zoom ladder, try switching to the 'satellite' view to see a photo of the buildings!

Key to the new map pins

Town ClubTown Club (most welcome students) 2 Town Clubs 3 Town Clubs2/3 Town Clubs Using the Same Venue
Town Club website lapsedTown Club (website lapsed - but the club may still be going)
University ClubUniversity Club (often restricted to students) University Club website lapsedUniversity Club (website lapsed)
Mixed VenueThe venue's used by a town club and a university club


How to get your club on the Map

Please note: It's not practical for me to keep track of every club in the UK. The closest I can come is to discover if a web site has closed. For that reason I require your club to have a web site / web page in order to get a on the map

To place the pin, I'll need the longitude and latitude of the venue where you play. You can get this by going to Google Maps. Use the pan, zoom to find your venue (make sure you've zoomed to the maximum level). Double click on your venue and the map should centre itself on the venue. Finally, click on "link to this page"/chain link icon, and send me the URL shown in the address bar (Some of the numbers in this address will be your longitude and latitude).

Plan B

Send me the postcode of your venue and I'll work out the longitude and latitude from that.


Clubs already on the map

Last time I checked the web sites marked with ** where not available

England - City / Town Clubs

Wales - City / Town Clubs

Scotland - City / Town Clubs

Wales - Academic Clubs

England - Academic Clubs

In or around London - City / Town Clubs

While compiling this map it's become apparent how many clubs use multiple venues. Where I've been able to, I've indicated the venue most likely welcome new members. This may be different to the club's 'match' venue