Ink Cap Recipes

Ink Cap


  • Shaggy Ink Cap/Lawyers Wig Corprinus comatustasty

Foragers Tips

  • Beware: this species can be confused with various other poisonous ink cap species
  • This mushroom has powerful enzymes that quickly liquefy it - within a couple of hours in warm conditions. Some pickers travel with a pan to cook them as soon as they are picked to catch them at their best.
  • Samples where the cap has started to open and gills have started to turn black are unlikely to survive the journey home.
  • Fragile and easily crushed - transport with care.

Cooks Tips

  • Use promptly as they do not store well
  • The delicate flavour would be lost amongst strongly flavoured ingredients, so are often used in omelets, quiches

Ink Cap Stir Fry

	1350g	Clean Sliced Ink Caps
	200g	Dried Noodles
	 125g	Butter
	   5	spring onions
		Broccoli cut into fine florets 
	   1	Red pepper - diced
		Sweet Corn (tinned or frozen)
	200g	Peas (tinned or frozen)
		Flavour Sachets from packet noodles
	   1	Chicken or Vegetable Stock Cube
	 1 tbsp	corn flour (cornstarch) dissolved in 30ml of water

Add butter to pan and start frying Ink Caps and broccoli on a medium heat. Slice and add the spring onions. Keep the ingredients on the move so they do not burn. Put noodles and peas to simmer in hot water for 2 minutes. Mix sweet corn into frying mixture. Dissolve stock cube or the flavour sachet in 100ml of hot water and add to the pan. Drain noodles. Reduce the liquid over a high heat for 4 minutes. Dissolve corn flour, poor into pan, this needs to be quickly stirred in so that it gets everywhere before it thickens the source. As soon as it thickens the sauce, turn off the heat, mix in the noodles and serve hot.

  • Preparation - 10
  • Cooking - 10
  • Feeds - 2 to 3
  • Region -
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