Education Links

Free educational videos, lectures, podcasts, notes, courses, etc

The aim of this section is to provide pointers to a wide range of free, on-line, self-study or home-study material


High production values and a wide demographic target make much of this, made for television/radio, material almost effortless

some of the BBC's content may not be available outside the UK


Introductory level information much of which is aimed at children

  • NATGEO@HOME Quizzes, videos, science experiments, and at-home classroom resources from National Geographic
  • PBS Kids Curriculum-based entertainment
  • BBC Teach thousands of free curriculum-mapped videos, arranged by age-group and subject
  • Thousands of kids activities at Khan Academy Kids (2-7)
  • Radiolab The- kid-friendly episodes
  • Club SciKidz Sciency activities for youngsters (3-15)
  • The Artful Parent Arty projects for youngsters



Free Online Courses (with assignments etc)
  • Alison over 600 free practical certified literacy and diploma courses
  • Udamy with over 1500 'real world' courses



'Leading edge' information most of which is university level and most of which is presented by the people making the discoveries.







Free Books